Theme Nights

Theme Nights will return in October 2017!

Themes Nights are Theme weekends!

Ocotber 27th & 26th - Lobster & Burger

November 24th & 25th

December - Chrustmas period

January 26th & 27th- Guest Chef

Febuary - Love themed Tasting Menu 

March - Celebrating Chocolate

Lobster and Burger Nights!


Nachos with Jalapenos, guacamole, cheddar cheese and tomato salsa

Creamy garlic mushrooms on toasted flatbread and chives

Brown crab steamed buns, teriyaki dipping sauce

Chicken roulette thighs - marinated in lemon and herb and one in green ghost peppers with salad garnish


B& L - Half a Lobster poached in a butter with 6oz beef burger

Beast Burger - 8oz beef burger, brie, bacon, cabbage and tarragon mayo

Thermidore - Whole Lobster in a traditional thermidore sauce

California Burger - 6oz Beef burger topped with Lobster meat, california dressing, iceberg lettuce and pickles

Tofu Burger  - grilled lemon and basil tofu burger


Apple Pie with sweetened cream cheese

Chocolate peanut butter fudge Sundae

Vanilla Baked cheese cake, raspberry compote

Homemade mini donuts with salted caramel dip

2 courses - £18.50

3 courses - £21.50

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